Spring will be here before you know it – get your outdoor living area ready for the season with these tips on opening and closing your pool for the upcoming season!

  • Blow loose/ dry debris off cover
  • Blow off deck
  • Remove, lightly clean, fold cover for storage
  • Lower deck anchors
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool “to waste” to remove sludge from floor (use separate equipment to remove debris from system completely to avoid clogging filter and reduce cloudiness)
  • Remove leaves using regular leaf vacuum
  • Brush pool walls and floor
  • Test and adjust water chemistry including pH, calcium hardness, salt
  • Add chemicals including phosphate remover, algaecide, stain prevention, stabilizer, enzyme treatment, and clarifier
  • Shock pool water to kill bacteria and algae
  • Remove all plugs and winterization equipment
  • Install skimmer and pump baskets, weir, diving board, ladders, or other parts
  • Recirculate water through equipment and plumbing.
  • Set up and schedule Polaris or other robotic cleaner.
  • Set up pool automation or pump programming for maximum efficiency


Winterize your pool for the harsh weather to come. We’ll help you get it ready so that next year’s opening is a breeze with these tips on opening and closing your pool.

  • Blow off deck to remove debris
  • Skimmer net pool
  • Vacuum pool
  • Lower water to appropriate winter level (varies by pool type and cover type)
  • Test and adjust water chemistry including ph, alkalinity, calcium hardness
  • Add a winter algaecide, a metal out, and free and clear phosphate remover, enzyme, and clarifier product
  • Add a floater with chlorine tablets
  • Place antifreeze bottles in skimmers
  • Remove skimmer baskets, ladders, or other equipment
  • Clean filter grids/cartridges thoroughly
  • Check salt cell and acid wash if needed
  • Remove Polaris or Auto-cleaner
  • Blow out all plumbing and install plugs
  • Drain and winterize equipment
  • Leave valves at appropriate settings
  • Install pool cover
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Happy Clients

I must say that I am “One Satisfied Customer”! Goudy Pools went out of their way to assist in a Pentair Pump emergency. The pump is exactly as you stated and the installation was exceptional! I can not say enough about my appreciation for what you and Goudy Pools did to get us back in service.

Andy - Edgewater

Please pass along our great appreciation to Carter and Chet for opening our pool and spending time to help me out with all our dumb questions regarding maintenance. What a great group of people and company. We are lucky to have found you. Many thanks. YOU ARE THE BEST!

John & Linda - Arnold